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Is pregnancy possible while taking oral contraceptives?

One of the most frequently asked questions by women is can you get pregnant while taking birth control pills? It is impossible to answer negatively the question of whether it is possible to become pregnant if you drink OK. Of course, taking birth control, a woman can become pregnant, but this probability is very low.

First of all, pregnancy after taking birth control pills is possible if a woman has violated the rules for taking pills, that is, she took them irregularly, drank at different times, used pills when their expiration date ended. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the absence of menstruation when taking OK after the expiration of the period when they are supposed to determine pregnancy as early as possible.

Symptoms of pregnancy while taking contraceptive pills may indicate that conception has occurred even if, while taking the pills, the woman experienced poisoning and vomiting, or was simultaneously treated with drugs that reduce the effectiveness of contraceptives.

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When choosing the best drugs for young girls, the doctor must warn them about this. All questions about whether it is possible to become pregnant while taking contraceptives should be immediately asked to a specialist who will also expertly explain whether this or that drug can be drunk by nulliparous girls.

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If pregnancy has occurred, or is suspected, such funds cannot be taken. But those who become pregnant while taking OK and seeks to give birth to a child should not terminate the pregnancy, since there are no indications for this. Immediately after confirmation of conception or suspicion of pregnancy, you must immediately interrupt the use of contraceptives.

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Those who have assessed the pros and cons of pregnancy at 38 years old, and who prefer to use contraception, need to find reliable methods of contraception. In the modern world, many married couples, after reaching the age of forty, are sterilized.

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The list of the most optimal contraceptives for women of this age includes mini-pills, zithromax. Contraceptive methods for women who are already 35 years old should not include hormonal agents if a woman has an increased risk of cancer, pathologies of the heart and blood vessels, and many years of smoking experience. Therefore, you need to choose other types of contraception.


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Non-hormonal contraceptives are spermicides that are used topically to prevent pregnancy. Their mechanism of action is as follows: the active substance inactivates sperm, preventing them from entering the uterine cavity. The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects of such tablets are also noted.

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